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O.o?   I live in Nightvale. A lot of Hannibal stuff will be here (books, movies, show). Just thought I should toss that warning out there. I also enjoy a lot of other fandoms and random things. Few to little personal rants and pictures. Daily notes to the love of my life, my sour bear @onlyadamhale. I love her. My hobbies include digesting, breathing, trudging the lonely mountain, sometimes fighting white walkers, collecting rocks, science, forensics, and manning the wall. Charlie Day and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) are my spirit animals.



    Too loud here

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    Hewwo. Ugh sorry I was so zonked out of my mind yesterday. I love you tons though. Hope sleep was good to you. More Jax and Jesse please??? I love them. I love you more though. Through time and space and in an infinite loop!

    Buggy ♥♥♥

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    Jesse is tired. Hes so stressed out. Convinced mama bear hates both he and Jax. He knows papa doesnt. Anyway how was sleep? I was working on the homework up until now. Name that mineral!! Oi. Well enough of my sleepy chatter. I love you through time and space!

    Buggy ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    Happy birthday, Ece! ♥

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I’m going to remember

    I’m going to remember

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    Hannibal Things
    [2/3] favorite quotes

    I was going to kill you.
    Of course you were - I’m lean. Lean animals yield the toughest gut.

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    don’t you hate it when you’re just writing along and then you think wait would that even is that possible how does this work oh shit RESEARCH

    and the next thing you know you have twenty million tabs open about everything from hydrogen engines to the psychology of serial killers to the evolution of the pronghorn

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